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PhD Seminar – Royer

PhD Seminar – Royer

Cathy Royer, Ph.D., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Quantitative Mapping of Protein Networks in Live Cells Using Fluctuation Microscopy

Cell growth, development and physiological function are regulated by networks of interacting bio-molecules whose spatial localization and interaction probabilities are modulated by environmental cues. Establishing predictive models of cellular function in varying physiological contexts will require the quantitative characterization of these networks and how they change with nutrients, external stimuli or cell cycle position. Using 2-photon scanning Number and Brightness microscopy, we have investigated gene expression and protein interactions in a number of cell regulatory systems, including the central carbon metabolism in B. subtilis, cell size homeostasis in yeast, bacterial response to pressure shock, nuclear receptor interactions and interactions in neuronal post-synaptic density.

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