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M.S. Program Plans

The M.S. in Biomolecular Sciences degree consists of 30 credits total, with 23 credits of formal course work and 7 credits of culminating activity.

Core Sequence for all MS degree options:
BMOL 601 Biomolecules I (4 credits)
BMOL 602 Biomolecules II (4 credits)
BMOL 603 Biophysical Instrumentation and Techniques (4 credits)
BMOL 511 (BIOL 511) Advanced Cell Biology (3 credits)
BMOL 516 Responsible Conduct in Research (1 credit)
BMOL 598 Graduate Seminar (2 credits)
BMOL 605 Current Scientific Literature (1 credit)
PHYS 504 Molecular and Cellular Biophysics (4 credits)

Culminating Activity
Core courses are the same for each M.S. option. A culminating activity is chosen from one of the following:
Project option: this option provides students with a good preparation for a Ph.D. program or a more advanced career.  The intensive curriculum leading to a Masters of Science degree can be completed in one and a half years, with no thesis.
Culminating Activity: BMOL 591 (7 credits)

Thesis option: this research-intensive option is designed to provide graduate training leading to positions as laboratory managers and technician, and to prepare students for further training in doctoral programs.  The curriculum leading to a thesis-based Masters degree usually takes between two to two and a half years.
Culminating Activity: BMOL 593 (7 credits)