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Student Achievements

Biomolecular Sciences Ph.D. Student, Matt Turner, Co-authored an Article Published in Toxins

Matthew Turner Titled “α-Conotoxin Decontamination Protocol Evaluation: What Works and What Doesn’t” Matthew W. Turner, John R. Cort, and Owen M. McDougal. DOI:10.3390/toxins9090281

Biomolecular Sciences Graduate Programs Graduate, Jonathan Reeck, Selected as Co-winner of Scholarship Award

Dr. Jonathon ReeckCongratulations to Jonathan Reeck on being selected as co-winner 2016/2017 Boise State Distinguished Doctoral Scholarship Award.

Biomolecular Sciences Graduate Programs Students, Josh Eixenberger and Catherine Anders, Co-authored an Article Published in Chemical Research in Toxicology

Josh EixenbergerPh.D. Student Catherine Anders Titled “Rapid dissolution of ZnO nanoparticles induced by biological buffers significantly impacts cytotoxicity” Josh Eixenberger, Catherine Anders, Rebecca Hermann, Raquel Brown, K. M. Reddy, Alex Punnoose, and Denise Wingett. DOI:10.1021/acs.chemrestox.7b00136

Biomolecular Sciences Ph.D. Students, Nisha Shrestha and Sheenah Bryant, Co-authored an Article Published in Scientific Reports

NishaSheenah Titled “Stochastic sensing of Angiotensin II with lysenin channels” DOI:10.1038/s41598-017-02438-0

Biomolecular Sciences Graduate Programs Student, Abir Rahman, awarded Audience Choice Award at the annual Graduate Student Showcase Sponsored by Boise State University’s Graduate College

AbirAwarded for his poster entitled “Discovery of nigral dopaminergic neurogenesis in adult mice”.

Biomolecular Sciences Ph.D. Student, Neha Misra, Co-authored an Article Published in Federation of European Microbiological Societies

NehaExpression, immunogenicity and variation of iron-regulated surface protein A from bovine isolates of Staphylococcus aureus Misra, N., Wines, T. F., Knopp, C. L., McGuire, M. A., & Tinker, J. K. (April 19, 2017). Expression, immunogenicity and variation of iron-regulated surface protein A from bovine isolates of Staphylococcus aureus. Fems Microbiology Letters.

Biomolecular Sciences Ph.D. Student, Sheena Bryant, Has Been Featured as a Minority Graduate Fellow in the Quarterly NASA Educator

SheenahSheenah Bryant, a student in the Biomolecular Sciences Ph.D. Program, was featured in an article entitled “A Potawatomi Daughter Embraces the Culture of Science”.  Sheenah is the recipient of the NASA Office of Education Minority University Research and Education Project (MUREP) Aeronautics Scholarship and Advanced STEM Training and Research (ASTAR) Fellowship which includes three years of funding and three full summers of internship opportunities. Sheenah will be doing her internship at NASA’s Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley, working with NASA scientists who collect and analyze biological data from samples exposed to various aspects of the space environment.

Biomolecular Sciences Ph.D. Students, Bryce LaFoya and Jacob Crow, Co-authored an Article Published in Developmental Biology

Bryce LaFoya, Biomolecular Sciences, studio portraitJacob Crow, Biology, studio portraitLaFoya, B., Munroe, J. A., Mia, M. M., Detweiler, M. A., Crow, J. J., Wood, T., Roth, S., … Albig, A. R. (October 15, 2016). Notch: A multi-functional integrating system of microenvironmental signals. Developmental Biology, 418, 2, 227-241.

Neha Misra Awarded ISV Presidential Trainee Award at the 2016 ISV Annual Vaccine Congress

NehaNeha Misra, a Biomolecular Sciences Ph.D. student, was one of eights students awarded the ISV Presidential Trainee Award at the 2016 International Society for Vaccines’ Annual Congress. Ms. Misra was honored during the ISV Awards Ceremony Monday, October 4, 2016.

While at the conference, Ms. Misra,  who works with Dr. Juliette Tinker, presented a poster entitled A Mucosal Vaccine for Bovine Mastitis using Cholera Toxin A2/B Adjuvant.

Biomolecular Sciences Ph.D. Students, Sheenah Bryant and Nisha Shrestha, Co-authored an Article Published in Purinergic Signalling

Sheenah Bryant, Biomolecular Sciences, Studio PortraitNisha Shrestha, Biomolecular Sciences, studio portraitBryant, S., Shrestha, N., Carnig, P., Kosydar, S., Belzeski, P., Hanna, C., & Fologea, D. (September 18, 2016). Purinergic control of lysenin’s transport and voltage-gating properties. Purinergic Signalling, 12, 3, 549-559.


Biomolecular Sciences Ph.D. Student, Giovan Cholico, Co-authored an Article Published in Biomed Research International

Giovan Cholico, Biomolecular Science, studio portraitLamb, C. L., Cholico, G. N., Cornell, K. A., Perkins, D. E., Fewkes, M. T., Oxford, J. T., Lujan, T. J., Morrill, E. E., … Mitchell, K. A. (September 28, 2016). Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Activation by TCDD Modulates Expression of Extracellular Matrix Remodeling Genes during Experimental Liver Fibrosis. Biomed Research International, 2016.

Biomolecular Sciences Ph.D. Student, Josh Eixenberger, Co-authored an Article Published in Acs Biomaterials Science & Engineering

Josh Eixenberger, Biomolecular Sciences, studio portraitKrueger, E., Chang, A. N., Brown, D., Eixenberger, J., Brown, R., Rastegar, S., Yocham, K. M., … Estrada, D. (August 08, 2016). Graphene Foam as a Three-Dimensional Platform for Myotube Growth. Acs Biomaterials Science & Engineering, 2, 8, 1234-1241.


Biomolecular Sciences Ph.D. Student, Matthew Turner, Co-authored an Article Published in the Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Journal

Matthew TurnerMatthew W. Turner, Roberto Cruz, Jared Mattos, Nic Baughman, Jordan Elwell, Jenny Fothergill, Anna Nielsen, Jessica Brookhouse, Ashton Bartlett,Petr Malek, Xinzhu Pu, Matthew D. King, Owen M. McDougal,*Bioorg. Med. Chem., “Cyclopamine Bioactivity by Extraction Method from Veratrum californicum.” 24(16), 3752-3757 (2016).